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Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program Now Called FoodWise

Nutrition education program changes to meet needs of new audiences FoodWIse is new name of Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program Contact Amber Canto, 608-262-0384, amber.canto@ces.uwex.edu A successful nutrition education program is getting a new name to make it relevant and accessible to more audiences. FoodWIse, formerly known as the Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program, or WNEP, has […]


Make room for more voices in parliamentary procedure

By Myles Alexander Community, Natural Resources and Economic Development Educator UW-Extension Oneida County Phone: 715-365-2750 Email: myles.alexander@ces.uwex.edu   In August I promised a few suggestions for how other discussion methods may take place during a meeting run according to parliamentary procedure. It is simple. Make a motion to suspend the rules. All good motions are […]


The economic value of youth development volunteers in Oneida County

By Lynn Feldman Oneida County 4-H Youth Development Educator UW-Extension Oneida County Phone: 715-365-2750 Email: anne.williams@ces.uwex.edu   Over the course of this past year, more than 2,600 volunteer hours were credited to the University of Wisconsin-Extension Youth Development work in Oneida County. With a dollar value of $22.24 per volunteer hour as determined by the […]


Making a healthy breakfast can improve quality of life

Making a Healthy Breakfast Can Improve Quality of Life By Karly Johnson, Coordinator Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program for Oneida and Langlade Counties University of Wisconsin-Extension Oneida County Phone: 715-627-6236 Email: karly.johnson@ces.uwex.edu   September is National Breakfast Month and for many people breakfast is a low priority or not one at all. If you think you are […]


4-H is growing and is free to join in Oneida County

4-H is growing and is free to join in Oneida County By Lynn Feldman, 4-H Youth Development Educator and County Dept. Head University of Wisconsin-Extension Oneida County Phone: 715-365-2750 Email: lynn.feldman@ces.uwex.edu   Afterschool Alliance, in part sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, seeks the latest information related to afterschool programming. A March, 2016 report, […]


Can Pokemon Go play a role in positive parenting?

Can Pokémon Go play a role in positive parenting? By Sara Richie, Family Living Educator University of Wisconsin-Extension Oneida County Phone: 715-365-2750 Email: sara.richie@ces.uwex.edu   Whether you’ve simply been looking out your front window or following the news, you’ve likely witnessed the rise in popularity of Pokémon Go. The new game app, a treasure hunt for […]

Karly Johnson

Keep Your Food Safe all the Way from the Refrigerator/Freezer to the Picnic Table

By Karly Johnson Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program Coordinator University of Wisconsin-Extension Oneida and Langlade Counties   The summer months offer many opportunities to grill out and picnic with family and friends. It is important to know how to safely handle foods when eating outdoors during the warm weather months. Warm weather present opportunities for foodborne […]

Isolated earwig

Have you seen these critters hiding in your house? They may be earwigs

Earwigs have large, pincers-like protrusions at the rear of the body, which give them an evil appearance, but they don’t harm people directly. Still, they can cause people problems by feeding on flowers and vegetables outdoors, by crawling into the home, and by congregating under well caps. Click here to learn how to control earwigs. […]