Oneida County Fair


4-H and the Oneida County Fair

Cloverbud judging 2014 015

The Oneida County Fair will be held July 30-Aug. 2, 2015, at Pioneer Park in Rhinelander. For 4-Hers, it offers an opportunity to demonstrate and display skills gained throughout the year and allowsClick here to view the 2015 Oneida County Fair Junior Entry Book

2015 Oneida County Fair Junior Fair Entry Book

Click here to view the 2015 Oneida County Fair Junior Entry Book

4-H Judging

All exhibits are evaluated10458086_794572537241162_4758750629163956610_n by state certified judges. The  Danish judging system is used by Wisconsin which  allows a judge to evaluate all exhibits in a specific “lot”  and give a blue (fist place), red (second  place), white  (third place) and white (fourth place) ribbons within  each class.

A letter is sent to each exhibitor if face-to-face  conference  judging is occurring for a specific category.  This form of  judging allows more direct communication between the judge and exhibitor, with time for questions and suggestions. The judge may base the ribbon and premium on the exhibit and discussion without regard to percentages. If a youth cannot attend face-to-face judging, it is possible that the judge may reduce the ribbon by one placing.

4-H Premiums

Premiums for each exhibit are based on the ribbon awarded. A check from the Oneida county Fair Board for the total premium due to each 4-H youth will be awarded at the 4-H Recognition Banquet typically held in November.


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